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int main(){

Quinn_Hovey* QH = Quinn_Hovey::singleton();


ANNOUNCEMENT: Akimbo 2 has completed it's 20 week development cycle! I am very happy with how the project turned out, and I extend my thanks to the my team who worked tirelessly with me to bring the project to life. I have uploaded a brand new video of the game, check it in it's program page!


Welcome to my site, please excuse the slight lack of aesthetic appeal, we programmers aren't allowed to touch colored pencils.

I am a C/C++ programmer, even when designing this site I tend to try to adhere to my beloved C language. I have this love for developing video games, which you may view in the programs page. This love has been driven by DePaul University that has taught me everything I need to know, and all I had to give back was 4 years of my life and a couple tens of thousands of dollars, it was quite the deal!

I have focused my strengths toward game play programming, with AI and physics rounding out my interests in game programming. For a more comprehensive list of skills, I direct you to the resume page.

Lastly if you’re just looking to get to know the fellow behind the keyboard, the aboutMe page has all you'll ever need to know.



return 0;

}//end main