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class Wiimote_Manager: Engine {


The Wiimote Manager is a larger wrapper built around an existing C/C++ Wiimote library called WiiYourself, built by gl.tter. I take no credit for any of the wiimote functionality.

The Wiimote Manager is a singleton class that largely extends the usability of WiiYourself. It manages all the connected wiimotes, updates them behind the scenes on a separate thread, and because it uses the singleton method, it gives the user access to the wiimotes anywhere in their program. It also manages the current and previous frame states of the wiiimotes in order to return information that has changed since the last frame, such as the pressing or releasing of a button.

For more detail about the code see the code page.


void playVideo()

//This video demonstrates a diagnostic screen I created in OpenGL
//It shows all the buttons for the Wiimote and Nunchuk, the accelerometers of the wiimote //via a graph, and the IR is displayed in the middle.

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}//end Wiimote_Manager