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Quinn Hovey

2844 N. Orchard St, Chicago IL, 60657 | (203)247-4838

Email: | Website:


A programming position with a game development studio.



Bachelor of Science,

DePaul University, Chicago

  • Major: Computer Games Development
  • Graduated June 2009

Related course work: Object Oriented Programming In C++ I/II, Computer Graphics Development I/II, Hardware Shading, Physics Programming, Action Games Programming, AI Programming, Video Game Development Project (Capstone)

Technical Skills

  • Proficient knowledge in C/C++, object oriented programming
  • Knowledge in C# and Python
  • Extensive debugging skills using Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Experience in Unreal Script and MEL
  • Gameplay, AI, and Graphics programming
  • Strong 3D math skills


Chewy Software

  • Shipped 3 titles on the Leapster Explorer.
  • Developed entire UI system for Chewy’s in-house C++ engine.
  • Transitioned Chewy’s in-house engine from 2D only to 3D.
  • Integrated Granny (RAD tools animation pipeline) into Chewy’s in-house engine.

Programming (Course Related)

  • Developed a ray tracing graphics system in C++. Supports reflection rays.
  • Developed a computer graphics rendering system using OpenGL and C++.
  • Developed a physics system in C++.
  • Developed a general memory system to handle memory allocation of various sizes.

Programming (Extracurricular)

  • Developed an AI waypoint system. Uses Maya to visually layout nodes and connections using MEL scripts.
  • Created a point sprite particle system using OpenGL and C++.
  • Competed in DePaul game development contest called Project Nightlight for 3 years. Took 3rd (2006), 2nd (2007), and 2nd (2008).

Game Development in XNA/C#

  • Programmed all game play aspects of a First Person Rail Shooter. Programmed the camera movement, weapon aiming, collision testing, and level loading.
  • Programmed networking support for a 2008 Nightlight project. Networking handled up to 16 players in a two team, control point type game.

Game Development in C++

  • Developed games using a C/C++.
  • Completed a First Person Shooter game that uses the Nintendo Wiimotes to allow the player to dual wield weapons. Lead Programmer, handling AI, core game play mechanics (camera controls, aiming, shooting, etc), and systems (code architecture, loading/unloading, level creation tools using Maya). Project development lasted for 20 weeks.


Programmer, Chewy Software, Chicago, IL (January 2010 - Present)

  • Shipped 3 titles on the Leapster Explorer: Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg, Scooby Doo: Pirate Ghost of the Barbary Coast, PetPals 2: Best of Friends.
  • Wrote both engine level and game play level C++ code.

Intern Programmer, High Voltage Software, Hoffman Estates, IL (summer of 2008)

  • Updated and maintained directory structures for HVS’s Quantum engine
  • Debugged various tool chains and worked closely with build masters to fixed problematic builds
  • Extended error handling and logging to handle new problems such as poorly formatted sound files.

Level Designer, Treasure Trove Inc, New Canaan, CT (June 2005 - January 2006)

  • Level Designer for 2D flash based games
  • Also responsible for QA, reporting all bugs to the lead programmer.