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class Focal_Point : Game {


Focal point was developed as an extracurricular project for a DePaul DeFRAG game development competition called Nightlight. The competition required us to use light as the main theme of the game. Focal Point takes the light theme and twists it by using sun light. The player is given a magical magnifying glass that focuses the sun's rays and burns stuff. The more stuff the player burns the bigger and stronger the magnifying glass gets.

The player has the option of two control scheme. There is a XBox control scheme where the player uses one control stick to move and the other to focus. The other control scheme uses the Nintendo Wiimote/Nunchuk pairing. The Nunchuk handles movement, and the Wiimote IR handles the focusing where the player must push the wiimote closer or pull it away from the screen. The Wiimote sets up offers a much more immersive experience.

I worked on the game play programming for the project. My major area of work was figuring out a decent formula for scaling the power of the magnifying glass. The power increases as you burn stuff, but it also increases if you are focusing the light well enough (by moving the glass up/down).

For more detail about the code see the code page.


void playGame()
//Download and play this game!
//See readme files for installation and gameplay explanations
Download Akimbo 1

void playVideo()

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}//end Focal_Point