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class Dirty_Dashers: Game {


Dirty Dashers is an extracurricular game developed for a DePaul DeFRAG competition called Nightlight in 2008. The competition was to build a game around the theme of cleaning.

Dirty Dashers is a online multiplayer game that pits two teams of players against each other. One team is a "Clean" team with characters like a soapy sponge and vacuumed, and the other team is a "Dirty" team with characters like a blob of mud and a dust bunny. Each team must explore a map and find a crystal in which they must make completely clean or dirty to score a point.

My responsibly for this project was to develop and maintain the networking code for the game. The game was built in C# and XNA which comes with a networking built in, but doesn't do much in the ways of making sure players are synced and handling lost packets of data. This was a fun diversion from my usual game play and system programming, even though it isn't my strong suit.

For more detail about the code see the code page.


void playVideo()

assert("No Video available");


}//end Dirty_Dashers