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class Akimbo_1 : Game {


Akimbo 1 was my first venture in XNA and C#, and I am personally very proud of this little achievement. The project was build in about 3-4 weeks for a class which introduced us to XNA and C# in the weeks prior.

Akimbo 1 is a dual wielding rail-based shooter. The player is given a red and blue gun and they must shoot down corresponding colored targets (some of which will change colors). If they hit the wrong target 5 times, its game over. The game scores the player based on accuracy, longest streak without missing, and time.

Not immediately apparent is that fact that some of the rooms have a super secret order to which you shoot the targets, and if stumbled upon, sends the player down a new route through the level to rooms filled with easy to hit targets.

The player simply plays using the XBox controller. They use each control stick to aim, and the trigger buttons to fire.

I worked on all the game play programming for this project, along with building a scripting system that loads each room. I spent most of my time working on getting the darn guns to aim at the 2D crosshairs, which requires matrix manipulation in three different coordinate systems (Camera, Gun, and World).

For more detail about the code see the code page.


void playGame()
//Download and play this game!
//See readme files for installation and gameplay explanations
Download Akimbo 1

void playVideo()

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}//end Akimbo_1