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C++, video games, Coca-Cola, and soccer, that’s all you may need to know about me. Understanding each of these defining terms is crucial to understanding the inner workings of Quinn Hovey.

I am a relentless programmer. I have this undying love for programming video games. There is nothing more rewarding then to hit F5 and see the project come to life, even if it means sacrificing my own! This site acts a portal for you to see firsthand these creations.

Video Games:
Being an avid video game programmer can only come from once being an avid video game player. My game of choice is Super Smash Brothers and I welcome anyone to take on my alternate ego in R.O.B.

Programmer and video game player is more than enough evidence to prove that I don’t adhere to the average 24-hour clock. When trying to turn numerical values into meaningful representations of human interaction, you can be sure to see a red can or two, or three, of this magically delicious caffeinated drink!

When it comes to getting away from my technical dilemmas, I choose the world’s beautiful game, soccer. I’m a avid Major League Soccer fan, and will stick with my beloved New England Revolution team, no matter how many times they lose the cup final…

Now you know me, congrats!