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class AI_Pathing : Tool {


My AI Pathing System was built in my spare time during a winter break. The system uses Maya as a graphical front end and C++ drives the backend engine. This pathing system is used in my most recent project Akimbo 2. I uses the A* path finding algorithm to find the shortest path through the graph of waypoints.

I wrote very small MEL scripts to get all the Maya functionality working, but all the parsing is actually handled by C++ executables that I wrote and then a simple MEL script is used to call the executable and pass the maya file to it.

For more detail about the code see the code page.


void playVideo()

//Sorry, bad quality video, but you can get the general feel for it.
//Youtube version is actually better, I placed annotations containing the
//code snippets that are explained in the demo.

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}//end AI_Pathing